Using Disavow List Generator Tool

Here you can upload text file containing links to your site which you can get from your Google Webmasters account and then you can generate Disavow statistics which you can submit to Google Disavow Tool and the Bing Disavow Tool.

How it Goes

Download the Process Flow Diagram of Disavow List Generator for better understanding.

You first create a project for each website whose Disavow file you want to generate. Key-in the editable fields then Save.

After Saving it at least once you can "Process". The browser tab simply hangs and turns responsive only when processing is over at the server over here.

There is also some processing limit set( 5 minutes or more) reaching which your processing client will time out and be killed.

When you "Process", it goes through it input link and tries to fetch it's contents and then determines if your website has been linked at all or linked with a nofollow or not.

As it processes each URL, it keeps saving the stats generated. So in case processing it not over and it is killed then on subsequent "Process" it continues from where it last stopped. When it finishes successfully, you'll receive an email.

Finally read the heuristics and analyze the Disavow Links generated and submit it in the Google.

Terms Used

GWT:Google Webmaster Tools

Backlink:A backlink to your (given) site when linked using "dofollow" or "nofollow" attribute

Dofollow:When "nofollow" rel attribute isn't used with <a href

404:Page not found HTTP error

410:Page gone permanently HTTP returned status

$:It is end of string meta character in regular expressions. So if I use a regular expression:$ then only those domains will match which end with So will not match

Process & Save Buttons

Process button needs to be pressed after Save has been clicked successfully.

Only these fields may be "Saved" with Save button:

  • Title(optional)
  • Disavow File from GWT
  • Website
  • Filter Domains
  • Trusted Domains
  • Trusted URLs
  • Filtered URLs
  • Comments

Once you've saved it successfully then proceed on to "Process" button.

Saving the form fills "Input Links Summary" producing various useful statistics about input URL's which you've uploaded from GWT.

Pressing Process button will fetch the URLs as in the GWT backlink uploaded file and look for backlinks to your site and generate various statistics when finished.

This processing processes URL's one by one and keeps saving the current state in every minute or so.

On pressing it, the page turns "non-responsive" until the processing is over or it is killed due to time out.

If it is over then you'll receive an email. If it was killed then try running it again after 10-20 minutes or so.

The more times you run in different intervals then better results you get. Suppose there are 5000 URLs to be checked and when you run there can be network issues on any domain of those URL's or even on this server where you're reading this page.

To take another example a site may be down for full five days. So if you "Process" it again after five days it'll be able to fetch the site otherwise it'll be marked as Not Found.

So run it a few times in a span of 7-15 days. Full processing is over only if you receive an email. Keep pressing "Process" until you receive finished email. Then try again to run.

In "Processing" again, it starts over only with the left over "Unprocessed" ones. Those which return anything else than HTTP 200 will be fetched again. This cycle repeats every time you press "Process" button.

Sample Output

Once "Process" finishes successfully( possibly after multiple runs) you'll receive a completion email. You go back the project and click "Edit" you'll find the fields look this way: (Download and open the .htm file in your browser)

Disavow Tool Form Buttons & Editboxes Explained


First go to this page and login

Create Disavow Project

Go to node/add and click "Disavow Project", other directly go to this link to create one.

The Interface(GUI) looks like this(click to zoom):

Creating Disavow Project Interface

Fill the following fields:


Leave it empty and it'll be auto-populated like "Disavow: - 18:56". You can edit/fill any other value later.

Disavow File from GWT

Select the disavow file you've downloaded from the Google Webmasters(GWT) account under "Links to Your Site»More»Download more sample links" or going to "Links to Your Site»More»Download latest links". Zip the file and upload it here.


Please correctly type in your website name without http:// or https:// prefix

Filter Domains

All the URL's from domains you enter here will be skipped and will NOT be processed but simply printed in Disavow File.

Enter as many domains on separate line which you want to filter. Please enter them without http or https. Blank lines are ignored.

You can optionally use only $ meta character in the end to match it like a regular expression. Then the domain will be considered as regular expression and all "." will be escaped to match exactly like a "." in it. In short you can only add a $ in the domain end so that for example it can match all sub-domains. Without a '$' the domain will be exactly string matched( ==).

So if you enter :$

Then it'll be converted internally as "example[.]com$" regex pattern.

Simple Explanation

If you're a non technical person, just this simple example is for you: if you want to skip URLs with these sub-domains:,, then either you specify all of these subdomains in the Filter Domains list, each in separate line here in Filter Domains or simply include only this line:$

Trusted Domains

Enter each domain on separate line and any line containing this domain will ALWAYS be excluded from the disavow file being generated. URL's containing Trusted Domains are never processed and instead removed ASAP after reading from the backlinks files from GWT.

Even if you include the same domain in the Filter Domains.

Same as in "Filter Domains" as explained above you can use only $ meta character in the end to match it like a regular expression.

Trusted URLs

These URL's will never be printed out in output disavow list irrespective of whether specified in Trusted Domains or Filter Domains. So if you have a useful URL containing backlink to your website but plenty of spammy links from the same domain and you want to disregard all URL's except for this useful one then simply enter the domain/sub-domain in the "Filter Domains" and also add the useful URL in here.

The result will be that all the URL's from this Filtered Domain except for the one present in this list shall be output in the output Disavow file.

Filtered URLs

Just the opposite of Trusted URL's above. The list of URL's entered here shall not be checked but simply printed out in the Disavow list generated, irrespective of entries in any other fields(Trusted Domains/Filter Domains).

Input Links Summary

Uneditable. It'll be automatically calculated and generated whenever you press the "Save" button.

DNS Down

List of unavailable domains. The domain names are checked with PHP checkdnsrr function. The domain name is reported if it was never found. If even single URL of a domain is ever found but subsequently the domain went down, then it won't be reported here.

For example you ran this Disavow Project 10 times. But on one occasion this domain was found UP. In that case this domain will NOT be reported here.

To be reported here the domain should be inaccessible every time this Disavow Project is "Run". Secondly if a domain is marked "DNS Down" all URL's belonging to it are marked as "404 Not Found" automatically without further processing.

All dofollow URL's

This contains list of all URLs which are not "nofollow" in rel value. This list excludes domains which are down or inaccessible. If anytime a URL was read with HTTP200 and found containing dofollow backlink( does not matter if later same URL returns 404 later) then it'll be reported here.

List of Disavow URL's

This list contains potential Disavow links. These include all backlinks which point to your site ONLY using "dofollow". Trusted Domains URLs always excluded. This include URLs who domain matches with one entered in "Filter Domains" list above. URL's containing "Filter Domains" are not checked and automatically get included here. All 404's/410's are excluded but URL's which return anything other than 200,404,410 will be added here. An external page which contains ONLY "nofollow" links shall be excluded from showing here.

This is the ultimate output you're looking for. Only these links have power to get you penalized especially from Penguin. Carefully check each of these links and then submit them in the Google Disavow Tools at GWT

List of 404 URL's

This list contains URL's who http response has been returned as 404 or 410. If a URL was found 404 but later returned a HTTP 200 then it won't be reported here.

Output Filtered List

This contains list of all URL's and domains found which have been mentioned in "Filter Domains". If domain name as entered in "Filter Domains" matches an URL then that URL along with it's domain prefixed with "domain:" is output here.

This is useful to see the filtered list of URL's.


Enter text which you want to remember. This field is only for you.

Backlink not found URL's

This contains those URL's which don't contain backlink to your website. And also those domains whose all existing URL's don't contain backlink. So even if an existing external page of a domain contains a backlink(Dofollow/Nofollow) to your site then the domain will not appear here.

Nofollow URL's

This list contains all those URL's and domains which contain only nofollow backlinks and not a single dofollow backlinks.

Unprocessed URL's

All the left over URL's which could not be processed even once in the "Runs" here and which returned HTTP codes other than 410, 404 and 200. So those URL's whose site is down shall be output in this section.

External Backlink Count

Those URL's which contain( dofollow/nofollow) backlinks to your site are output here sorted by how many backlinks to external sites they contain.

For example if you're getting one "dofollow" backlink from and this same page links to 5 other websites as well then it'll be output here as:,D)  

where 5= links to 5 external domains(except for and it's subdomains) and D=Dofollow.

Usually slammers will insert their URL's in comments. So if your site backlink is there with many other external sites then it is a red flag for you.

Internal links to it's own site or subdomains are not counted in it. Also N=Nofollow and D=Dofollow