Disavow Utilities Suit

Since April 2012 - the Penguin update - the world has completely changed. As many 70% of sites have been affected by this update.

Now as per Matt Cutts(Head, Google's Web Spam) you're 100% responsible for the backlinks linking to your site.

Remember : only dofollow backlinks can attract penalty on your site

Tool Objective

I was looking for a tool which when given the backlinks from Google Webmasters Tools(GWT) will tell me the links which contain toxic backlinks to my site so that I can "Disavow" them in the GWT using Google's Disavow Tool.

The Problem

There are plenty of sites selling such product which will monitor backlinks to your sites(called toxic links) and alert you. They also provide Disavow submission service which includes finding bad links which can hurt you from good ones - which pass link juice to your sites.

But those are all too costly! If you're a small site owner who can't afford $100 or more per month then you can't use those services.


I've developed full set of tools to help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

Disavow List Generator Tool

This tool scans the input backlinks to your site(which you download from your Google Webmasters Account) and presents you output of those links which have the potential to harm your site rankings. A report is generated along with some heuristics which you'll find it very useful when submitting Disavow Links to Google etc.

Disavow Utilities

You can also compare a set of links with another set. For example you want to compare Disavow links submitted earlier with current one so that you can know the missed links etc.

Before submitting you can also verify the Disavow links list prepared by you.